Tyler Getsay

Full Stack Developer interested in startups, economics, & design.

Cincinnati, Ohio
Looking to explore new places!

About Me

I am a 10+ year software developer living in the Cincinnati area. I build full stack applications in a fraction of the time as others by leveraging years of experience with my environment and every bit of the modern web/mobile application stack.


Lead Architect - Visitu
Sep 2018 - Present

I joined Visitu in September of 2018 to help accelerate product development and build a team of developers who are passionate about campus safety. Since arriving I have led the development team through building the next generation of our core products, the launch of these products, and the continued support of them.

Software Developer - MedaCheck
Aug 2016 - Sep 2018

Throughout my years at MedaCheck I built many solutions surrounding medication adherence, Bluetooth health monitors, real-time dashboards, and mobility management solutions. Additional knowledge gained involved HIPAA compliance, SOC2 compliance, and UX design. Our solutions were used by area hospitals in IRB approved studies. Primary languages and tools used were NodeJS, Laravel/Symfony (PHP), Android, Python, VueJS, EmberJS, CircleCI, and AWS ElasticBeanstalk.

Co-Founder & CTO - Fanvester
Dec 2015 - Dec 2016

I built a crowdfunding-based ticketing platform on Laravel, a popular PHP-MVC framework. The application is robust, featuring many third party integrations and backend management features. I also acted the role of tech visionary for the company.

Jan 2005 - Present

I have helped many small to medium size businesses navigate the growing web landscape; this has manifested in many websites, apps, and internal tools which have been used by millions of users; and subsequently produced millions of dollars in revenue.


Bachelors in Information Technology,University of Cincinnati

Technologies I Use

  • Full Stack Web - Advanced
  • Javascript - Advanced
  • NodeJS - Advanced
  • VueJS - Advanced
  • CSS3 - Advanced
  • PHP - Advanced
  • Laravel - Advanced
  • AWS & CDK - Advanced
  • Android - Advanced
  • Chrome Extensions - Advanced
  • Jenkins (CI & CD) - Advanced
  • GraphQL - Advanced
  • Flutter - Novice
  • React - Novice
  • Python - Novice
  • Blockchains - Hobbyist